2017 National Conference on Ending Homelessness

What is ‘Capitol Hill Day?’


Capitol Hill Day is held in conjunction with the Alliance’s annual National Conference on Ending Homelessness. This event allows conference participants to maximize the opportunity of being in Washington, DC by meeting with their U.S. Senators and Representatives and respective offices.  This year’s event, to be held the afternoon of Wednesday, July 19, 2017, will celebrate the progress made on ending homelessness since the McKinney-Vento Act passed 30 years ago and highlight the federal investments that will be needed to continue this trend in this Congress and Administration.


Face-to-face time with Members of Congress and their staff is one of the most important ways to take part in federal advocacy – a critical component of your work in ending homelessness. These meetings allow participants to establish/build relationships with your congressional offices; educate your Senators and Representatives on your success and progress at home; and encourage them to work in support of policy initiatives to eliminate homelessness.


To learn more and access Hill Day resources please visit our Capitol Hill Day webpage. For more information on Capitol Hill Day, contact Julie Klein (202-942-8281, jklein@naeh.org) or Jared Thompson (202-942-8294 jthompson@naeh.org). 


What role do State Captains play in Capitol Hill Day?


State Captains take the lead for their state in planning meetings, and play a critical role in ensuring that Hill Day is as productive as possible. Each year, the Alliance recruits new and returning State Captains to lead and coordinate each state’s advocacy activities during the conference.  The Alliance assists State Captains with anything they need in order to:


  • Identify top congressional targets and schedule meetings with those offices;
  • Organize other conference participants from their state to join Hill Day;
  • Ensure that everyone is prepared with talking points, an agenda, and materials for the meetings; and
  • Conduct effective meeting follow-up with congressional offices. 


Find out if your state already has a State Captain and/or volunteer to serve as a State Captain for your state by contacting Julie Klein (202-942-8281, jklein@naeh.org) or Jared Thompson (202-942-8294, jthompson@naeh.org).


As State Captain, what do I do?


The State Captain Toolkit (forthcoming!) provide step-by-step information – complete with a timeline, checklist, and sample materials – to help you be most effective in organizing your state’s advocacy efforts for Capitol Hill Day, whether you have made 50 visits to your congressional offices or whether this is your first time.  Don’t miss the opportunity to meet with your legislators while you are in DC!


Please visit Capitol Hill Day website frequently for updates.